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Welcome to the PIX IT world!
Make your own small
movies! It’s fun and easy.

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What is PIX IT?

We have all seen lots of LED matrix displays used as adverts outside stores but they are all designed to display a standard set of letters, numbers or special symbols as well as frequently featuring boring scrolling effects…

PIX IT is a small gadget device which uses a 5x7 LED dot matrix display which is fully programmable to your needs.

PIX IT runs from just two size AAA batteries. To create your own animation, simply download our free software called Frame Editor, design your small movie, download it to the device and enjoy watching it.
No time for making movie? Please have a look at our download section, where you can find lots of pre made movies, which we would like to share with you!

What can PIX IT be used for?

Just for fun – create your own movie and share it with your friends and relatives.

Make your party unique with different movies loaded to a several PIX IT devices.

Artists/designers could use it to improve their projects, to attract or fascinate their visitors.

Use it as temporary sign to guide people onto your site.

Use it as a dice or as simplified card/picture in your games.

Make a special gift for the person you love so much and create for him/her the movie from your heart.

Create your own unique advert/information message to display on PIX IT for your shop, hotel, office, home, car or boat…

Decorate your rooms, windows or Christmas trees for festive seasons

I am sure you can think of hundreds of uses for your PIX IT, it’s only limited by your imagination…

Have fun, PIX IT now!


How does it work?
  • Simply place an order on our web site to order you Pix It kit which includes your Pix It LED matrix device, 2 new AAA batteries and communication cable.
  • While waiting for Pix It to arrive, go to our web site and download our Frame Editor software, It's free. Start to play with the program and make your owm movies or download one you like.
  • Once you have got your Pix It, follow our simple instructions to insert batteries into your Pix It device and connect your Pix It to your PC/laptop via the communcation cable supplied.
  • Using the Frame Editor software, upload your movie to your Pix It device.
  • Disconnect the communication cable and use your Pix It wherever you wish (except any wet conditions)
  • Download latest Matrix Frame Editor and User Manual from our Download section.


How much is it?
  • The Pix It kit is only 15GBP. The kit includes the Pix It device, 2 AAA batteries and a serial communication cable.
  • The Frame Editor software and pre made movies are freely abailable to download from our web site
  • Estimated delivery time is October 2014. 
  • A Small delivery charge is required for postage to the UK, Europe, USA or Canada!
  • First Class Royal Mail delivery for UK Customers.
  • Your Module is fully tested and well packed before it is dispatched to you.
  • Fully assembled device, including button tip - 57x38x25mm
  • Display - 52x38x9mm
  • PCB board - 52x38mm
  • You can contact us via the "Contact us" page on our website.
  • Please feel free to ask us any questions regarding this Module. We'll do our best to respond within 12 hours.
  • Your ideas, suggestions and improvements are very welcome and will all be considered.
  • Pix It has been designed for your comfort and safe use.
  • Pix It is not suitable for children under 5 yeas old.
  • Please do not use Pix It in any wet conditions such as the bathroom, in rain or snowy weather.
  • We do not accept any liability for improper or careless use of this device.
  • Due to constant improvement, your power supply module design could be slightly different from the described above,
    although the technical parameters and functionality will be the same or better than those stated above.
For your information
  • Please add us to your favourites list, as more items will be to come.
  • Electronics design is our speciality. Please feel free to contact me if you have an idea you want to discuss or
    are interested in developing an electronic device.
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Pix It Pix It