6 digits Nixie Clock for sale! Newly designed!

Key features:

  • Fully assembled and tested Nixie Clock
  • Six 18mm high digits (IN-12 Nixie Tubes)
  • Displays Time , Date and 2 Alarm clock sets
  • Accurate & calibrated time clock source from internal crystal
  • Integrated 2 Alarm Clocks
  • Easy control with only 2 buttons
  • Uses standard 9v wall plug Power Supply
  • Precision Seconds setup
  • Digit static indication ( no 50Hz flickering ! )
  • 2 default Alarm sets on your choice
  • Internal battery for power failure protection
  • Will generate alarm buzz even main power is off !!!
  • Internal buzzer for Alarm1 and Alarm2
  • Alarm1 and Alarm2 trigger outputs
  • High efficiency integrated DC-DC converter

2 Main Modes: Display Mode and Setup mode

Display mode:
In the display Mode Clock indicates the following information:

Time in format HH:MM:SS,
where HH is Hours (00-12 or 00-23), MM is Minutes (0-59),
SS is Seconds (00-59)
Alarm1 in format HH:MM: 1,
where number 1 on the right indicates Alarm 1
Alarm2 in format HH:MM: 2,
where number 2 on the right indicates Alarm 2
Date in format : DD.MM.YY,
where DD is day (1-31), MM is Month(1-12),
YY is Year (00-70)
Time and Date in format HH:MM:SS and DD.MM.YY with 7 seconds interval

Setup Mode
Setup mode is for changing configurable parameters, allowing:

Set current Time
Set Alarm1 time, switch it on/off
Set Alarm2 time, switch it on/off
Set Date
Set 12 or 24 Time Display mode

Easy control with only 2 buttons

Current Time Mode:
Alarm 1 Time Mode:
Alarm2 Time Mode:
Date Mode:


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  • Final design, assembled with high quality components and 2 professionally made PCB boards !
  • Optimal digit size and brightness suitable for use at home or small office environment
  • High efficiency and low power consumption for energy saving
  • Compact design for use on table or on the wall in your home or office
  • Use it as a Clock on you table or wall or as Alarm Clock to wake you up
  • Active Alarm and PM time indicators ( on the right )
  • Colon or dot separator for convenient Time and Date display reading
  • External alarm outputs give you chance to control a wide range external devices ( power control circuit is required)
  • Easy control with only 2 buttons ( no remote control is required ! )
  • Even tube reliability is high, it's very easy to replace it (no soldering is required)
  • Now backup battery is replaceable too.
You will get

  • Fully assembled working Nixie Clock.
    (no power supply is included in this sale, but it's available at extra £4-95 GBP for the UK customers only)
  • Internal synch clock will be calibrated to get the best time accuracy..
  • User Manual with detail description how to control your Nixie Clock
  • 1 Year warranty
Specification & recommendation

  • It's fully assembled working Nixie Clock, giving you chance to concentrate your efforts on the case design!
    Please send me your complete Clock picture, as I am going to create picture gallery on my WEB page
  • Getting power from wall plug power supply means your clock is isolated from the main
  • Clock works from 7.5 to 12V DC, but 9v supply is recommended and is optimal choice
  • Power consumption:
    2.6W (280mA@9V) from wall plug power supply (all 6 digits to display)
    2.3mW (0.75mA@3V) from backup battery ( 3V CR2032).
  • When Clock powers up from backup battery, it does not display any information, but keeps running and activates buzzer in Alarm1 or Alarm2 events.
  • To keep backup power consumption at low level, do not connect load < 100 kOhm to the external alarm contacts.
  • Internal buzzer generates simple two tones and pause sound in Alarm1 or Alarm2 events. It will last for 1 minute, but could be shut off by pressing the button.
  • External alarm contacts set logical "1" in the alarm event and gives you extra feature allowing to connect quality sound melody generator or any external modules via appropriate converter or power control circuit (not included in this sale).
  • Frequency Test Mode can be activated to easily check and adjust clock frequency. In this mode Clock does not display or keep time and date, it only displays 200000, which means 200KHz frequency signal is activated on the dedicated output pin. Use it to check it, if you have calibrated precision frequency meter or use this signal for your calibration purposes.

  • First Class Signed For Royal Mail delivery. Just small extra delivery charge to post it to Europe or to the USA, Canada.
  • Your Clock will be fully tested, calibrated and well packed before I dispatched to you.
  • I'll dispatch your Clock on the next working day after I receive your payment.

  • Digit height - 18 mm.
  • 2 PCB boards, each - 50x170mm
  • Nixie clock, including IN12 indicators and button tips - 50x170x60mm
Latest SW and Documentation

  • Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding this Nixie Clock. I'll do my best to respond to you within 12 hours.
  • Your design or new function suggestions, improvement are very welcome and will be considered ASAP.
  • Great thanks to everyone who had time to contact me with their ideas and suggestions. I am happy that my experience and skills are useful for my Customers and even for my Competitors.
Notice & warning

  • Some internal components are under High Voltage, before handling or maintenance work, be sure that it's switched off.
  • I do not accept any liability may cause during improper or careless use of this Clock.
  • Due to constant improvement, your Clock could be slightly different from the described above or shown on the pictures, but technical parameters and functionality will be the same or better than stated above.
For your information

  • Please do not forget to check my other auctions!
  • Please add me to your favourites list, as more items will come soon.
  • Next product in my Clock line is Baby Nixie Clock. It will be 4 digits clock, smaller, but nice as this Nixie Tube Clock!
  • Electronics design is my speciality. Please feel free to contact me if you have an idea you want to discuss or
    if you need to develop electronic device.
Extra words about Clock and its design

  • Congratulation! as you reached this point reading my item sale description.
    It means you are interested in my Nixie Clock and hopefully you are considering to buy it.
    Below you can see my thoughts, which I hope answer your remain questions
    and will help you to put your bid on!
  • I designed just NIXIE CLOCK ! It doesn't have integrated MP3 player, It will not freeze or cook your food, as it does display Time and Date only.
    Sorry, but no movies or pictures can be viewed or downloaded and stored there from your digital camera or camcorder! No square root or estimate arrival time can be calculated as well!
    It's not health care or military device, it will not calculate the Nixie Tube's or internal components life time either.
    This clock is just simple, elegant, reliable and easy to use device !
  • This clock is fully assembled, tested and calibrated. Just spend your time and efforts to create the case, which you will love!
  • You don't need to have special electrical or electronic education. This clock is very easy to connect and simple to use.
  • In this Clock I use static digit indication. It means that the digit is not flickering with 50Hz or any other frequency.
    So it's static until it changes to other value to display, then it's static again.
    It is much better for your eyes; clock consumes less power, creates less electro-magnetic fields around.
  • I will not implement Remote Control feature in my Nixie Clock. Why?
    I think, it's really useless and absolutely un-efficient! Why do you need Remote Control if you should set or correct the time only once a year.
    Alarm time? Again, how often do we set Alarm time? Several times per day? I don't think so. Usually we do it very occasionally! How many Remote Controls do you have at home? Do you really need one more?
    Will you find it in 6 months or 1 year? ;-)
  • Looking at another available Clocks on the market, I can say, that only a few Sellers says about their Clock Power consumption, its dc/dc converter efficiency, but I DO ! I think it's important to know how much energy your Clock will consume, as It should be connected 24 hours per day, 7 days per week !
  • Almost nobody specify their Clock accuracy. I can see only general phrases like "accurate, very accurate...", but again - no specific information! I DO state, that my Clock have not more than 1 second error in ONE week ! It means less than 1 minute per YEAR ! To archive it I do not use Radio or GPS modules. So you do not need to spend extra money to buy it. You don't need to bother where to locate your GPS receiver to get good signal and how to hide extra wires !
  • Why do I not sell the clock kit ? The clock kit is great , when you wish to assemble somehing yourself, as well as it's not difficult to follow the guide how to do it. But when you built it, you need to CALIBRATE it ! Even you use good quality crystal in your clock circuit, you must adjust the internal clock frequency !
    How should you do it? You will need pre-calibrated precision Frequency Counter (of cause everyone has it! ;-) ).
    If you do have it, just connect it to special 200kHz frequency Test Point, set Clock to Frequency Test Mode and adjust frequency using trim capacitor on the board.
    But If you don't have good Frequency Counter, I am sure, soon you will be disappointed with you clock accuracy. Inaccuracy could be several seconds per DAY! That's why I do calibrate every clock I sell to you!
  • Only my Clock has dedicated output to check the internal clock frequency !
    Why do we need it?
    a) Calibrate your device like another Clock or Frequency Counter. It's very useful option, if you are radio electronic fan and doing some projects, which would require accurate clock or precise frequency.
    b) Calibrate your Clock. We must calibrate the Clock, otherwise the clock accuracy will be poor, even we use high quality crystal. Usually you connect your Frequency Counter directly to the crystal, but your Frequency Counter gives your internal clock an extra capacitance and the measured frequency slightly shits from the actual, so the calibration can not be precise!
    My clock has dedicated, separated from crystal output, where you can check the frequency and ideally it should be 200,000.0 Hz.
    But don't worry, I'll do it for you and your Clock will be fully calibrated to get the best accuracy!
  • I am designing the case for my Clock. It will be classic, lacquered wooden box case, perfect for classic and modern room designs.
    Personally, I don't like the clear glass cases like upside down fish tank! ;-(
    I also do not welcome the cases with unprotected Nixie Tubes, which are just inserted in clear or polished metal base.
    I think it's dangerous to leave the glass Tubes (under high voltage) unprotected (especially if you have a children at home), as it's very easy to brake it partly or completely, also it's not easy to wipe the dust !
Click on the picture to enlarge it, will open in new window


21 hour 22 minutes 00 seconds Alarm1 at 06:45 Alarm2 at 07:00 27th of May 2007
Happy bidding!!